The Grand-ish Opening

March 12, 2016 11:00AM at The Rogue Growler

Somehow, we veered from the "Grand Opening" plan. It just happened. No, we didn't have a secret soft opening, we don't have bumper stickers made, there will be no killer food truck or live music. Just us and some AMAZING small batch, artisan craft beers, very rare and delicious! And not to mention 5 regional wines, a handful of killers ciders, some kombucha and one rich and creamy coldbrew coffee on nitro. So, come in and tell us what is working, and what's not. Kindly let us work out the kinks with you. ... And then, and then... we PARTY! Let's forget about opening parties and just call it one big After Party! Date and time TBA.... You all are fantastic!

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The Rogue Growler