The Magnet "Draft Challenge"

November 26, 2016 12:00PM at The Magnet Billiards and Bar

This tournament will be draft style....our 4 Captains are: Michael Tritt, JosH BartoW, David Steiny Steinseifer, and Dreu Lulow.Captains were chosen based on the 4 highest ppd players at the end of the 2016 fall midstate Oshkosh dart season.Each team will consist of 9 men and 3 women. Within each 12 person team are 3 four person teams, each 4 person team must have 1 woman and 3 men. Teams will remain the same for the duration of the tournament. Women will start each game. Round Robin Stacked 501 is the game played on 8 boards. 3 games per match. Overall winners will be determined based on wins and losses. $20.00 entry per person. First PAID 32 men + the 4 captains = 36 men and first PAID 12 women will play. Contact and make payment only to Missi Holz.100% entry payout plus added money!! NO REFUNDS.....once you are signed up and paid, which must be done at the same time, you must commit. If for any reason you cannot shoot, you will forfeit your entry to the tournament, someone else can sign up, pay and play. We will need your shirt size when you pay and sign up as well.

Map of The Magnet Billiards and Bar
The Magnet Billiards and Bar