The Orange Constant

October 21, 2016 11:00PM - 2:00AM at BUFFINGTONS

"The Orange Constant's confident and polished debut album Time to Go is laden with connective riffs and melodious charm. Much of the album evokes a 70's FM AOR vibe, without appearing self conscious"
- Larson Sutton, Relix Magazine

The Orange Constant draws from different styles and musical experiences to create something new and unique. Known for being a songwriting-focused and versatile group, The Orange Constant thrives on creating songs that possess their own inspired character. Each of these songs follow no specific writing format, allowing the band to run with any ideas that bring the music to life. The band's lyrics often include content that reveals personal values and experiences. This allows the band to groove with meaning and depth. Their shows blend original music, reinterpreted covers, and improvisational jams.

"They have hit a home run on their first trip to the plate. From the first strains of “Emily” all the way through to the jammed-out coda to “Ask Me to Jump,” Time to Go is a pure delight. You will hear influences throughout the disk, but this is fresh and exciting."
-Scott Hopkins, Music Fest News

"The album is indeed quite unclassifiable, sometimes on the border of progressive rock, sometimes very mainstream, but mostly it is full of amazing qualities and really mature for a first album."
- Stephane Mayere on Time to Go , Koid 9 magazine

"Time To Go shines by the elegance of his compositions, the melodies are stripped, a psychedelic atmosphere typical 70s, it gives off very nice vibe overall."
- Gabriel, Prog Critique