Empty Shells * Treehouse Project * Howard & the Nosebleeds

May 06, 2017 8:00PM - 2:00AM at Rudyard's British Pub

Empty Shells (Houston, TX)
Formed in 2013 and led by the fiery guitar playing and emotive vocals of mercurial frontman Jonathan Espeche along with the pummeling rhythm section of Michael San Luis (bass) and Austin Hand (drums).

With a sound that encompasses the immediacy and aggressiveness of the early 1990's alternative movement, lead guitar heroics of the 1970's, as well the atmospheric sound of shoegaze; they have taken their influences and created a sound that is uniquely their own. Their dense wall of guitar and high energy live shows have garnered them comparisons to bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Nirvana, and My Bloody Valentine.

They have been tapped to open shows locally for national acts such as Clinic, No Joy, Yuck, Antemasque, and are quickly establishing themselves as an up and coming band to watch.

Treehouse Project (Houston, TX)
Treehouse Project is a Houston-based band that performs original, progressive rock and roll music. Splicing tight grooves with emotional depth, Treehouse Project serves music fans with their signature creation "garage prog" rock sound. Threehouse Project is Corbin Russell on bass and vocals, Robert Matthews on drums, and Ignacio Gonzalez on guitar.

Howard and the Nosebleeds (Houston, TX)
"Oh holy reverberating riffs of fire, oh symphonic demon noise of zen, shroud our souls eternally with your bombastic caterwauling. They came! we screamed! they are Howard and the Nosebleeds! Their melt-your-face-off jamathons for the eon are the perfect antidote for these Orwellian times, and that Pink Floyd cover they've been including is a perfect barnburner. "Always by your side! Always by your side! That cat's something I can't explain!" You'd better start believing in the Second Coming of Rock N Roll. They smell like punk pandemonium & feel like black magic blues. Say a prayer for whoever dares to stand in their way and lose." - Brian Kenhide

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