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  342 Valley Rd, Gillette, NJ
  (908) 580-1100

Hours today: 11:30am - 10:00pm

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Tap List - 8

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider   
Angry Orchard Cider Co  ·  Cincinnati, OH
12 oz: $5.25  ·  16 oz: $6.25  ·  Pitcher: $22.00  ·  64 oz Growler: $22.00  ·  Flight: $7.99
This crisp and refreshing cider offers sweet apple notes up front with a subtle dryness at the finish for a balanced cider taste.
Fruit Cider
5.0% ABV  ·  7 IBU

Samuel Adams Boston Lager   
12 oz: $5.25  ·  16 oz: $6.25  ·  Pitcher: $22.00  ·  64 oz Growler: $22.00  ·  Flight: $7.99
Samuel Adams Boston Lager® offers a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex.
American Lager
4.9% ABV  ·  30 IBU

Shmaltz He'Brew Brewer's Wanted Pale Ale   
Shmaltz Brewing Company - He'Brew  ·  Clifton Park, NY
12 oz: $5.75  ·  16 oz: $7.25  ·  Pitcher: $23.00  ·  64 oz Growler: $23.00  ·  Flight: $7.99
A moderate, refreshing ale with noticeable hop aroma balanced by supporting malt flavors.

Shofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen   
Binding-Brauerei AG  ·  Frankfurt, Germany
12 oz: $5.75  ·  16 oz: $7.25  ·  Pitcher: $23.00  ·  64 oz Growler: $23.00  ·  Flight: $7.99
A refreshing wheat beer that favors hoppy notes over yeast character.

Southern Tier 2x Tangier   
Southern Tier Brewing Company  ·  Lakewood, NY
12 oz: $5.25  ·  64 oz Growler: $22.00  ·  Flight: $7.99
An intensely hoppy pale ale with minimal malt character, designed to showcase its strong hop flavors.
Double IPA
8.1% ABV

Southern Tier Nu Skool IPA   
Southern Tier Brewing Company  ·  Lakewood, NY
12 oz: $5.25  ·  16 oz: $6.25  ·  Pitcher: $22.00  ·  64 oz Growler: $22.00  ·  Flight: $7.99
It’s an approachable, well-balanced IPA with slight malty sweetness that’s brimming with tropical, fruity, spicy, piney & citrus character.
American IPA
6.0% ABV  ·  55 IBU

Southern Tier Thick Mint, Blackwater Series   
Southern Tier Brewing Company  ·  Lakewood, NY
12 oz: $7.00  ·  64 oz Growler: $30.00  ·  Flight: $7.99
A big, intensely flavored dark ale that ends with a warming, bittersweet finish.
Imperial Stout
10.0% ABV  ·  60 IBU

Victory Blackboard Series #5: Cream Ale With Cold Brew Coffee Nitro   
Victory Brewing Company  ·  Downingtown, PA
12 oz: $4.50  ·  16 oz: $5.75  ·  Pitcher: $20.00  ·  64 oz Growler: $20.00  ·  Flight: $7.99
Fragrant coffee aromas surface this smooth cream ale. Cold-brewed coffee adds rich,roasty notes to this medium-bodied and effervescent brew.
Cream Ale
5.2% ABV

Bottle List - 23

Amstel Light   
Heineken Nederland B.V.  ·  Netherlands
12 oz : $4.00
A moderate amber lager with soft malt characteristics at the forefront that finishes well balanced.
International Pale Lager
3.5% ABV  ·  12 IBU

Anheuser-Busch Redbridge (Gluten-free)   
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.  ·  St. Louis, MO
12 oz : $4.25
A light-bodied lager designed with drinkability in mind.
American Lager
3.2% ABV

Bard's Tale Gold Gluten Free   
Bard's Tale Beer Company  ·  Minneapolis, MN
12 oz : $4.25
A beer that has specialty grains added which impart their unique flavors to the beer.

Bass Pale Ale   
Bass Brewers Limited  ·  Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire, England
12 oz : $4.00
Select malts, aromatic hops and water rich in essential salts and minerals combine to give Bass its slight burnt roast aroma and high-quality, full-bodied flavor.
English Pale Ale
5.1% ABV  ·  32 IBU

Bud Light   
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.  ·  St. Louis, MO
12 oz : $3.25
Brewed with a malt and hops ratio different from Budweiser for a distinctively crisp taste with fewer calories.
American Light Lager
4.2% ABV  ·  10 IBU

Anheuser-Busch, Inc.  ·  St. Louis, MO
12 oz : $3.25
Budweiser is a medium-bodied, flavorful, and crisp with blended layers of premium American and European hop aromas.
American Lager
5.0% ABV  ·  10 IBU

Coors Light   
Coors Brewing Company  ·  Golden, CO
12 oz : $3.25
Coors Light has a nice, bright appearance when poured and a crisp, clean taste.
American Light Lager
4.2% ABV  ·  12 IBU

Corona Extra   
Cervecería Modelo  ·  Tijuana, Mexico
12 oz : $4.25
Corona's aroma is fruity-honey with a touch of malt and the flavor is crisp and well-balanced between hops and malt, toward the malt side.
International Pale Lager
4.5% ABV  ·  10 IBU

Corona Light   
Cervecería Modelo  ·  Tijuana, Mexico
12 oz : $4.25
Corona Light has approximately 30% less calories than Corona Extra but keeps the same refreshing flavor.
Mexican Light Lager
4.1% ABV  ·  10 IBU

Crabbie's Ginger Beer   
Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer  ·  Edinburgh, Scotland
12 oz : $3.50
A beer that derives some of its taste and aroma from the particular spices, herbs or vegetables
Ginger Beer
4.8% ABV

Glutenberg Red    Can  
16 oz : $5.25
Brewed from buckwheat, millet, quinoa and brown rice. The nose is marked by aromas of ripe plums and caramel while the mouth evokes hints of toast and roasted chestnuts.
Gluten-Free Red Ale
5.0% ABV  ·  24 IBU

Green Flash West Coast IPA   
Green Flash Brewing Co.  ·  San Diego, CA
12 oz : $6.50
This copper colored West Coast-style IPA is full flavored, medium bodied and extravagantly hopped with notes of citrus zest and fruit.
Double IPA
8.1% ABV  ·  95 IBU

Green's Endeavor Dubbel (Gluten Free)   
Green's Gluten Free Beers  ·  United Kingdom
16 oz : $7.75
A moderately strong Trappist ale with rich malty flavors and a color of reddish-copper
Belgian Dubbel
7.0% ABV  ·  24 IBU

Guinness Kaliber   
St. James Gate (Guinness)  ·  Dublin, Ireland
12 oz : $3.59
Kaliber is brewed as a full strength lager, only at the end of the brewing process is the alcohol actually removed.
0.5% ABV  ·  12 IBU

Heineken Nederland B.V.  ·  Netherlands
12 oz : $4.25
Mildly bitter taste, fresh, fruity aroma, bright color and clarity are obtained using only the purest water, hops and barley malt.
International Pale Lager
5.0% ABV  ·  23 IBU

Heineken Light   
Heineken Nederland B.V.  ·  Netherlands
12 oz : $4.25
Like all beers, Heineken Light is mostly made of water. But unlike other Light Lagers, it doesn’t taste like it.
International Pale Lager
3.3% ABV  ·  12 IBU

Landshark Lager   
Margaritaville Brewing  ·  St. Louis, MO
12 oz : $4.25
Refreshing, drinkable island lager.
Island Style Lager
4.7% ABV  ·  14 IBU

Michelob Ultra   
Michelob  ·  St Louis, MO
12 oz : $3.75
Michelob Ultra appeals to beer drinkers interested in a superior tasting light beer that promotes an active, social lifestyle.
American Light Lager
4.2% ABV  ·  10 IBU

Miller Lite   
Miller Brewing Company  ·  Milwaukee, WI
12 oz : $3.25
Miller Lite is a pilsner-style beer brewed with choice hops, the finest blend of American-grown barley malts and pure, soft water.
American Light Lager
4.2% ABV  ·  12 IBU

Rolling Rock   
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.  ·  St. Louis, MO
12 oz : $3.20
Using a time-honored recipe with only the finest malted barley and blend of hops, Rolling Rock is a classic American lager that is as well-known for its distinctive, full-bodied taste as it is for its craftsmanship, heritage and green bottle
American Light Lager
4.4% ABV  ·  9 IBU

Samuel Adams Nitro Coffee Stout    Can  
16 oz : $6.50
Our Nitro Coffee Stout is darkly enticing with its smooth, velvety cream that cascades into a jet black brew revealing a rich, robust character. The dark roasted malts create notes of bittersweet chocolate with hints of dark fruit while the Sumatran & Indian Monsoon Malabar coffees develop a deep roasted dimension. For a deeper, yet smooth, flavor we steep the coffee beans in cold water to create an extraction that we add to this stout.
American Stout
5.8% ABV  ·  20 IBU

Samuel Adams Nitro IPA    Can  
16 oz : $6.50
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
7.5% ABV  ·  100 IBU

Samuel Smith's Organic Cider   
Samuel Smith's Old Brewery  ·  Yorkshire, United Kingdom
16 oz : $6.00
A medium dry cider with brilliant straw colour, light body, clean apple flavour and a gentle apple blossom finish.
English Cider
5.0% ABV

Spirits - 61

Avion Espresso   
Avion  ·  Mexico
70° (35%)

Blanton's Single-Barrel   
Buffalo Trace Distillery  ·  Frankfort, KY
Type: Bourbon Whiskey Recipe: Corn - Rye - Malted Barley Mash Type: Sour Still Proof: 70% Alcohol by Volume - 140 proof Entry Proof: 62.5% Alcohol by Volume - 125 proof Warehouse: H Barrel Type: White Oak Maker: Independent Stave Staves: 6 month air dry Treatment: #4 Char Filtration: Chill Filtered Bottle Proof: 46.5% Alcohol by Volume - 93 proof Color: Reddish Amber Color Tasting Notes: Nose: A spicy aroma of Dried Citrus and Orange Peels with a hint of Caramel and Vanilla. Palate Entry: Full and soft, marked by a mix of Burnt Sugar, Caramel, Orange, and Cloves. Finish: Balanced with Vanilla, Honey, and Citrus. Best Served: Straight, on ice, or used in a premium cocktail.
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
10 yr
93° (46.5%)

Bulleit Rye   
Bulleit Distillery  ·  Louisville, KY
Russet in color, with rich oaky aromas. The taste is exceptionally smooth, with hints of vanilla, honey, and spice. Finish is crisp and clean, with long, lingering flavors.

Bulliet Bourbon   
Bulliet  ·  United States

Gruppo Campari  ·  Italy
fruity, herbal, bitter
48° (24%)

Casamigos Anejo   
CASAMIGOS  ·  Mexico
Añejo Tequila
80° (40%)

Casamigos Blanco   
CASAMIGOS  ·  Mexico
Blanco Tequila
80° (40%)

Casamigos Reposado   
CASAMIGOS  ·  Mexico
Reposado Tequila
80° (40%)

Dewars White Label   
John Dewar and Sons Ltd  ·  Aberfeldy, Scotland

Drambuie  ·  United Kingdom
80° (40%)

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka   
Firefly  ·  United States
Flavored Vodka
70° (35%)

Grain Vodka
80° (40%)

Hendrick's Gin   
Hendrick’s wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusions: rose petal and cucumber.
Contemporary Gin
82.8° (41.4%)

Johnnie Walker Black Label   
Johnnie Walker & Sons  ·  Kilmarnock, Scotland
Johnnie Walker Black Label is our Iconic Blend, recognized as the benchmark for all other deluxe blends. Created using only Scotch Whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years from the four corners of Scotland, Johnnie Walker Black Label has an unmistakably smooth, deep, complex character. An impressive Blended Scotch Whisky to share on any occasion, whether you're entertaining at home with friends or on a memorable night out.
Blended Scotch Whisky
12 yr
80° (40%)

Johnnie Walker Red Label   
Johnnie Walker & Sons  ·  Kilmarnock, Scotland
Johnnie Walker Red Label is our Pioneer Blend, the one that introduced our whisky to the world. Highly versatile and with universal appeal, it has a bold, distinctive flavor that shines through even when mixed. Johnnie Walker Red Label is now the best-selling Scotch Whisky around the globe. Perfect for parties and get-togethers, at home, or going out. Enjoy with friends.

Kahula  ·  United States

Kettle One   
Kettle One  ·  United States

Licor 43   
Licor 43  ·  United States
62° (31%)

Macallan 12yr   
The Macallan Distillery  ·  Moray, Scotland
Rich gold 40% (USA 43%) Vanilla with a hint of ginger, dried fruits, sherry sweetness and wood smoke Deliciously smooth, rich dried fruits and sherry balanced with wood smoke and spice Sweet toffee and dried fruits, with wood smoke and spice

Maker's Mark   
Proof: 90 Aroma: Woody oak, caramel, vanilla and wheat prevail in the nose Taste: Sweet and balanced with caramel, vanilla and fruity essences Finish: Smooth and subtle

Oban 14 Year Old   
Oban Distillery  ·  Oban, Scotland

Patron Anejo   
CDC (Patrón)  ·  Jalisco, Mexico
Añejo Tequila
80° (40%)

Patron Silver   
CDC (Patrón)  ·  Jalisco, Mexico
Blanco Tequila
80° (40%)

Rum Chata   
Agave Loco Brands  ·  United States
Flavored and Spiced Rum
27.5° (13.75%)

Southern Comfort   
Southern Comfort  ·  United States
70° (35%)

St Germain Liqueur   
Gabriel Boudier  ·  France
Floral Liqueur
40° (20%)

Svedka Citron Vodka   
Svedka  ·  Sweden
Flavored Vodka
70° (35%)

Svedka Clementine   
Svedka  ·  Sweden
Flavored Vodka
70° (35%)

Svedka Vanilla   
Svedka  ·  Sweden
Flavored Vodka
70° (35%)

Svedka Vodka   
Svedka  ·  Sweden
Whey Vodka
80° (40%)

The Glenlivet 12 Year Old   
The Glenlivet Distillery  ·  Moray, Scotland
Nose: Sweet creamy vanilla, honey, pineapple, vanilla, pressed apples and a little cinnamon. Palate: Apple cores, fresh and fruity trifle and creamy citrus. Finish: Long and delicious, almonds and apple.

Tito's Handmade Vodka   
Mockingbird Distillery  ·  Austin, TX
Tito’s Handmade Vodka is produced in Austin at Texas’ oldest legal distillery using old-fashioned pot stills.
Grain Vodka
80° (40%)

Wine - 14

Alba Vineyard Dry Reisling   
Alba Vineyard  ·  NJ
Vintage: 2014
Glass: $7.99  ·  Half: $16.99  ·  Carafe: $32.99
Fruity yet dry, medium to full bodied finish

Beringer White Zinfandel   
Beringer Vineyards  ·  Knights Valley, CA
Glass: $5.99  ·  Half: $12.99  ·  Carafe: $25.99
Crisp and refreshing, bursting with the aromas and flavors of fresh fruit, America’s favorite White Zinfandel is well suited on its own or as the perfect compliment to a meal.”

Bodegas Callia Bella   
Bodegas Callia  ·  San Juan Province
Vintage: 2014
Glass: $5.99  ·  Half: $12.99  ·  Carafe: $25.99

Bolla Prosecco   
Bolla  ·  Veneto

Camelot Cabernet Sauvignon   
Camelot Vineyards  ·  Central Coast/Monterey, CA
Glass: $6.59  ·  Half: $14.59  ·  Carafe: $27.99

Cavit Pinot Grigio   
Cavit  ·  Trentino-Alto Adige
Vintage: 2014
Glass: $6.99  ·  Half: $14.99  ·  Carafe: $28.99
Pinot Grigio/Gris
Dry, crisp white with a delicate bouquet & taste

J. Rogét American Champagne Brut   
J. Rogét  ·  NY
Glass: $6.00  · 

Kendall-Jackson Cabernet Sauvignon   
Kendall-Jackson  ·  Sonoma County, CA
Vintage: 2013
Glass: $10.99  ·  Half: $22.99  ·  Carafe: $43.99
Cabernet Sauvignon
Big and bold with a gorgeous finish

Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay   
Kendall-Jackson  ·  Sonoma County, CA
Vintage: 2014
Glass: $8.99  ·  Half: $18.99  ·  Carafe: $36.99
Tropical fruits explode on the palate, aromas of vanilla and honey

Mark West Pinot Noir   
Mark West  ·  California
Vintage: 2014
Glass: $7.99  ·  Half: $16.99  ·  Carafe: $32.99
Pinot Noir
Hints of strawberry, juicy watermelon & cherries
Pinot Noir

Pizzolato Chianti Docg   
La Cantina Pizzolato  ·  Veneto
Vintage: 2013
Glass: $7.99  ·  Half: $16.99  ·  Carafe: $32.99
Fruity, roasted aromas of dark cherry & vanilla
Italian Red

Salmon Creek Merlot   
salmon creek  ·  Sonoma County, CA
Vintage: 2013
Glass: $5.99  ·  Half: $12.99  ·  Carafe: $25.99
Fruit flavors & appealing soft finish, red raspberry, strawberry & plum nuances

Beso del Sol  ·  Spain
Glass: $5.99  ·  Carafe: $19.99

Toasted Head Chardonnay   
Toasted Head  ·  California
Vintage: 2014
Glass: $7.99  ·  Half: $16.99  ·  Carafe: $32.99
Balanced crisp apple-citrus fruit flavor

Cocktails - 4

Bacardi Mojito
Bacardi Rum Agave Club Soda fresh lime juice mint

Cucumber Basil Splash
blue coat gin Club Soda agave nectar Cucumber basil

Dutch Mule
Kettle One Fresh Lime Juice Crabbies Ginger Beer

Jalapeño Margarita
Tanteo Jalapeno Hand-Crafted Lemon-Lime Bubbly Fresh Lime Juice jalapeño slices

On Deck - 2

Great Lakes Oktoberfest   
Great Lakes Brewing Company  ·  Cleveland, OH
Prost! Our take on this classic German style is a celebration of maltiness— packed with rustic, autumnal flavors to put a little more oomph into your oom-pah-pah.
6.5% ABV  ·  20 IBU

Southern Tier Pilsner   
Southern Tier Brewing Company  ·  Lakewood, NY
A gold-colored, light-bodied German-style beer with crisp, floral hop aroma.
German Pils
5.0% ABV  ·  40 IBU