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  1654 India St, San Diego, CA 92101
  (619) 269-3033
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Alpine Mcilhenney's Irish Red   
Alpine Beer Company  ·  Alpine, CA
16 oz : $6.00
An easy-drinking pint that balances toffee and caramel sweetness with a roasted dry finish.
Irish Red Ale
6.0% ABV  ·  13 IBU

Ballast Point Even Keel   
Ballast Point Brewing Company  ·  San Diego, CA
16 oz : $6.00
A full-flavored beer with a silky malt backbone and a bright hop profile of herbs and citrus, Even Keel packs all the taste of an IPA in a sessionable alcohol content.
Session IPA
3.5% ABV  ·  40 IBU

Craftsman Heavenly Hefe   
Craftsman Brewing Company  ·  Pasadena, CA
16 oz : $6.00
Brewed with malted wheat, Heavenly Hefeweizen showcases the traditional aroma and flavor reminiscent of banana and clove that is unique to an unfiltered wheat beer.
5.0% ABV

Deschutes Black Butte Porter   
Deschutes Brewery  ·  Bend, OR
16 oz : $6.00
Dark and distinctive like Black Butte itself, Black Butte Porter uses chocolate and crystal malts, crafting a rich, approachable porter.
American Porter
5.2% ABV  ·  30 IBU

Green Flash Road Warrior Rye IIPA   
Green Flash Brewing Co.  ·  San Diego, CA
10 oz : $7.00
An intensely hoppy pale ale with minimal malt character, designed to showcase its strong hop flavors.
Double IPA
9.0% ABV  ·  80 IBU

Liefmans Cuvee-Brut   
Brouwerij Liefmans  ·  Oudenaarde, Belgium
10 oz : $7.00
A fruity, sour, wild Belgian wheat beer.
Fruit Lambic
6.0% ABV  ·  16 IBU

Mike Hess Grazias Vienna Cream Ale   
Mike Hess Brewing  ·  San Diego, CA
16 oz : $6.00
An ale that is light and crisp while medium-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel.
Cream Ale
6.3% ABV  ·  30 IBU

Modern Times Lomaland   
Modern Times Beer  ·  San Diego, CA
16 oz : $7.00
Lomaland is an earthy, rustic Belgian-style farmhouse ale that's both complex and quaffable. It smells like hay, pepper, and friendly sunshine.
Fruit Beer
5.5% ABV  ·  30 IBU

Mother Earth Bookoo   
Mother Earth Brew Co.  ·  Vista, CA
16 oz : $6.00
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
6.5% ABV  ·  65 IBU

Ninkasi Triceratops Double IPA   
Ninkasi Brewing Company  ·  Eugene, OR
10 oz : $7.00
An intensely hoppy pale ale with minimal malt character, designed to showcase its strong hop flavors.
Double IPA
8.8% ABV  ·  100 IBU

Reverend Nat's Revival Apple Cider   
Reverend Nat's Hard Cider  ·  Portland, OR
16 oz : $6.00
I start with a secret blend of Washington-grown apples and add piloncillo, dark brown evaporated cane juice, purchased direct from Michoacan, Mexico
Common Cider
6.0% ABV

Saint Archer Mandarina Wheat   
Saint Archer Brewing Co.  ·  San Diego, CA
16 oz : $6.00
We use fresh lemon peel coupled with hops from three continents to highlight the bright, citrus characteristics we love in hop forward brews.

Ska Vernal Minthe Stout   
Ska Brewing Company  ·  Durango, CO
16 oz : $6.00
A fairly strong, highly roasted dark stout with pronounced bitterness.
American Stout
5.8% ABV

Stone Cali-Belgique IPA   
Stone Brewing Co.  ·  Escondido, CA
10 oz : $7.00
We carefully selected a Belgian yeast strain that illuminates a fascinating new aspect of the beer that is otherwise quite simply Stone IPA. The result is both new and different, while still being recognizable as a Stone brew - and Stone IPA in particular. Think of it as an identical twin to Stone IPA that was raised in a Belgian culture.
Belgian IPA
6.9% ABV  ·  77 IBU

Sudwerk Northern Pilsner   
Sudwerk Brewing Co  ·  Davis, CA
16 oz : $6.00
A gold-colored, light-bodied German-style beer with crisp, floral hop aroma.
German Pils
5.3% ABV  ·  35 IBU

The Bruery Trade Winds   
The Bruery  ·  Placentia, CA
10 oz : $7.00
A strong and pale Trappist ale with spicy-fruity notes and highly aromatic
Belgian Tripel
8.6% ABV  ·  25 IBU