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Wine Bar in Dallas-Fort Worth
J. Macklin's Grill, the Mod-American Coppell destination for all-day dining, serves up playful variations on classic standards in an atmosphere that's stylish, sophisticated & cool.
So, settle into a spacious booth for a comforting brunch or a brisk lunch. Stretch out at our community table for an elegant dinner. Unwind on our patio for a breath of fresh air. Belly up to our bar for that postprandial nightcap. At J. Macklin's Grill, we honor the past as we listen to the pulse of DFW's adventurous and evolving tastes. We love food, and it shows.

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  130 N Denton Tap Rd, Coppell, TX 75019
  (972) 393-0200

Hours today: 11:00am - 10:00pm

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Tap List - 12

Austin Eastciders Pineapple   
Austin Eastciders  ·  Austin, TX
Like a dry wine with complex flavors. The apple character marries with the added fruit to create a balanced flavor.
Fruit Cider
5.0% ABV

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA   
Ballast Point Brewing Company  ·  San Diego, CA
The tart freshness of grapefruit perfectly complements Sculpin’s citrusy hop character.
American IPA
7.0% ABV  ·  70 IBU

Coop Ale Works Alpha Hive   
Coop Ale Works  ·  Oklahoma City, OK
This Double IPA is infused with a fierce American hop profile and a delicate, bee crafted orange blossom honey from Northern California. A sting of darkness, floral notes and many a compelling nuance make this spring seasonal delicious.
Double IPA
9.5% ABV  ·  100 IBU
Just Added

Deep Ellum Neato Bandito   
Deep Ellum Brewing Company  ·  Dallas, TX
A rich, Czech-style lager that is light-bodied with small hints of bitterness.
Czech Pale Lager
6.0% ABV  ·  18 IBU

Dos Equis Lager   
Dos Equis  ·  Monterrey, Mexico
A crisp, refreshing, light-bodied malt-flavored beer with a well-balanced finish. A Lager that drinks like a Pilsner.
International Pale Lager
4.2% ABV  ·  44 IBU

Noble Rey Off The Leash   
Noble Rey Brewing Co.  ·  Dallas, TX
Texas Red Ale
American Amber Ale
6.0% ABV  ·  22 IBU

Oak Highlands Derelict   
Oak Highlands Brewery  ·  Dallas, TX
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
6.1% ABV  ·  56 IBU

Peticolas Golden Opportunity   
Peticolas Brewing Company  ·  Dallas, TX
In the spirit of a true session beer we present the Golden Opportunity, a beer modeled after the classic styles of Koln, Germany, but which deliberately lacks the enhanced fruitiness of the typical American interpretation. Straw-like in color with a dense white head, this medium-bodied brew has a light, pleasant malt aroma with a hint of sweetness and faint bitterness. It is clean, well-balanced and suitably carbonated for a crisp, refreshing feel.
4.6% ABV  ·  27 IBU

Peticolas Thrilla In Brazilla   
Peticolas Brewing Company  ·  Dallas, TX
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
7.5% ABV  ·  75 IBU

Peticolas Velvet Hammer   
Peticolas Brewing Company  ·  Dallas, TX
A strong ale with full malt and hop flavors and distinct bitterness.
American Strong Ale
9.0% ABV  ·  85 IBU

Revolver Blood & Honey   
Revolver Brewing  ·  Granbury, TX
This American wheat beer is finished with blood orange zest, local Fall Creek Farms honey and other spices that bring special flavors to this unique beer.
American Wheat Beer
7.0% ABV  ·  20 IBU

Stella Artois Lager   
Stella Artois  ·  Leuven, Belgium
One of the World's best selling beers, enjoyed in more than 80 countries. Low malt sweetness with a crisp finish.
International Pale Lager
5.2% ABV  ·  25 IBU

Bottle List - 3

Coors Light   
Coors Brewing Company  ·  Golden, CO
Coors Light has a nice, bright appearance when poured and a crisp, clean taste.
American Light Lager
4.2% ABV  ·  12 IBU

Michelob Ultra   
Michelob  ·  St Louis, MO
Michelob Ultra appeals to beer drinkers interested in a superior tasting light beer that promotes an active, social lifestyle.
American Light Lager
4.2% ABV  ·  10 IBU

Miller Lite   
Miller Brewing Company  ·  Milwaukee, WI
Miller Lite is a pilsner-style beer brewed with choice hops, the finest blend of American-grown barley malts and pure, soft water to deliver the great taste of a true pilsner beer.
American Light Lager
4.2% ABV  ·  12 IBU

Wine - 10

Cono Sur Bicicleta   
Cono Sur  ·  Central Valley

Double Decker   
Tamas Estates  ·  Livermore Valley, CA
Pinot Grigio/Gris

Harken Chardonnay   
Harken  ·  Central Coast/Monterey, CA

La Marca Prosecco   
La Marca  ·  Veneto
La Marca Italian Prosecco all starts with high quality grapes. Thanks to our unique vineyards in the Veneto region of Northwest Italy—where ample daytime sunshine and cooling night winds ripen our grapes to an ideal level while retaining their sought-after juicy flavors and crisp acidity—La Marca is one of the best Proseccos available and a festive alternative to other white wines.

Maso Canali   
Maso Canali  ·  Trentino-Alto Adige
Pinot Grigio/Gris

Michael David Sauvignon Blanc   
Michael David Winery  ·  California
Sauvignon Blanc

Patient Cottat Le Grand Caillou Pinot Noir   
Patient Cottat  ·  Loire Valley
Pinot Noir

Skyfall Vineyard Merlot   
SKYFALL VINEYARD  ·  Columbia Valley, WA

Vinalba Rose   
Vinalba  ·  Mendoza Province
Malbec, Merlot

Cocktails - 25

Autumn '75
Red Currant Jam Lemon Gin Champagne
Sweet Bitter
Light Alcohol Spirit Forward
Created By: Evelyn Coffman
Our take on a French 75: We shake the Jam in a tumbler with gin and lemon juice, strain the mixture into a flute and top with Champagne.

Blackberry Margarita
El Espolon Silver Fresh Blackberries Lemon Juice Simple Syrup

Blackberry Mule
Ole Smoky Blackberry Moonshine Nue Vodka Goslings Ginger Beer Lime Juice

Gold Rush
Elijah Craig 12 Year Lemon Domaine de Canton
The powerful Ginger flavor inherent in Domaine De Canton perfectly accentuates the charred oak character of Elijah Craig Bourbon. Just a touch of lemon provides a bright citrus note.

J.'s Elderflower Martini
Vodka St. Germaine Elderflower triple Sec Lemon Sugar rim
Created By: Jeff Lang
Flowers of the elderberry have long been used for their medicinal qualities. We find that Elderflower liqueur is the perfect ingredient to mix with vodka and a bit of lemon juice for a light, refreshing libation.

Jalapeno Fusion Margarita
muddled jalapeno Lunazul Blanco Lime sour chili-salt rim

Kentucky Mule
Bulleit Rye Goslings Ginger Beer Lime Juice

Kentucky Rut
Bulliet Rye Grapefruit simple syrup Orange bitters muddled orange
Created By: Jeff Lang
A smooth ride through Bluegrass country: the Kentucky Rut features Bulliet Rye Whiskey, Ruby Red GrapeFruit Juice, Crushed Orange, and Ginger Beer. Our bar manager, Jeff Lang, specially crafted this cocktail to marry his love for Rye Whiskey and bittersweet Grapefruit. Enjoy!

London Bridge
Orange-Infused Larceny Bourbon Earl Grey Syrup Lemon Angostura Bitters
Created By: Evelyn Coffman
Orange Peel and Jamaican Allspice infused Larceny Bourbon paired with our house Earl Grey Syrup make this cocktail one-of-a-kind. Step aside Big Ben, The London Bridge is the most famous Landmark at J. Macklin's.

Macklin's Delight
Elijah Craig 10 Year Pomegranate St. Germaine Elderflower Lemon
Created By: Jeff Lang
Elijah Craig Bourbon and bold Pomegranate flavors define this drink. Just a touch of lemon adds a nice citrus note. This is a great, spirit-forward cocktail.

Moscow Mule
Nue Vodka Goslings Ginger Beer Lime Juice

Pepper Smash
Muddled Bell Pepper Fresh Mint Bombay Sapphire Lemon JUice Agave
Created By: Evelyn Coffman
Who would guess that Bell Pepper and Gin pair so perfectly together!? This cocktail is fresh and bright, Agave nectar adds just the right amount of sweetness to this delectable libation.

Peppercorn Martini
Peppercorn infused Gin Bombay Sapphire Dry Vermouth Wash Blue Cheese Olives
Created By: Jeff Lang
Peppercorn infused Gin makes for one heck of a dirty martini! We add Bombay Sapphire so that the pink and black peppercorn flavors are not to powerful. Two Bleu Cheese Olives (One to enjoy during the drink, and one on the finish) are the perfect garnish for this unique adult beverage.

Redneck Bellini
Ole Smoky Peach Moonshine Nue Vodka Brut Peach Puree
Imagine a Bellini with a little bit of a country twist. We pour a little bit of peach moonshine in a mason jar, top it with some peach puree, a little vodka, and then fill up the glass with champagne. This drink is sure to put some pep in your step and a smile on your face.

Ruby Mule
Deep Eddy Ruby Red Goslings Ginger Beer Lime Juice

Salted Caramel Appletini
Stolichnaya Stoli Salted Karamel Rumchata Apple Cider
Created By: Brandi Gonzales
Perfect for Apple-cinnamon lovers everywhere. Rumchata gives this cocktail a creamy, frothy body that marries divinely with Salted-Caramel Vodka and Apple Cider.

Spicy Rum Punch
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Peach Schnapps Pineapple Orange Pomegranate Muddled Jalapeno Chili-orange garnish
Our Spicy Rum Punch begins with muddling jalapeno slices to give the foundation of our drink a fresh, spicy note that is balanced by Pomegranate, Orange, and Pineapple. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum provides the perfect balance of light and flavorful to make this punch stand out.

Strawberry Fields Martini
Grey Goose Vodka Watermelon Pucker Strawberry lemon mint
Created By: Jeff Lang
The perfect Strawberry Martini. We add just a splash of Watermelon Sour to give this beverage a little something extra. When our mixologists prepare this drink it is shaken vigorously with mint leaves so that the mint breaks up and provides an herbal "field" atop the drink.

The Clooney
Casamigos Blanco Lime Sour mix Grand Marnier Salt Rim

The French Fizz
Vanilla Vodka Orange Pineapple Strawberry Prosecco Blueberry Garnish
Created By: Brandon Simpson
The French Fizz is sweet, fruity, and light. LaMarca Prosecco adds a fizzy bubbliness and the Vanilla Vodka we use gives this cocktail a sweet undertone that is perfect to enjoy with dinner or as a dessert cocktail.

The Gentle Peach
Gentleman Jack Peach Puree Peach Bitters Orange Ginger Beer
Created By: Jeff Lang
Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey's mellow spiciness is accented and complimented perfectly by peaches. This cocktail is stirred with Peach bitters, Peach Puree, and Orange Juice, then strained over an Ice block and served.

The Great Guava Margarita
Patron Guava Lime Sour Sugar rim

The Mistress
Deep Eddy Ruby Red Elderflower Liqueur Club Soda

The Moonshine Palmer
Stillhouse Peach Tea Moonshine House Brewed Ginger-Peach Tea Lemon
Our rendition of a John Daly: Stillhouse Peach Tea Moonshine blends perfectly with our house-brewed Ginger-Peach Tea. Just a touch of lemon sets this off to finish a cocktail that would make the legendary golfer proud.

Ye Olde Rum Cider
Pyrat XO Rum Apple Cider Lemon Orange Cinnamon Nutmeg
Created By: Ashley Vanderwater
Our Rum Cider is punctuated by the wonderful vanilla aroma of Pyrat XO Rum. Cinnamon and Nutmeg balance out the bright apple and orange flavors to make a mellow, delicious cocktail.

Events - 3


Come one come all to listen to Noel Kerns perform on our patio this Thursday!


Come on out to J Macklin's Grill to watch Mick Tinsley perform on the patio!


Come watch Jason Michael perform on the patio this Saturday night!

On Deck - 3

Deep Ellum Easy Peasy   
Deep Ellum Brewing Company  ·  Dallas, TX
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
5.2% ABV  ·  40 IBU

Noble Rey Steam Punk   
Noble Rey Brewing Co.  ·  Dallas, TX
A crisp, lightly toasty beer with pronounced hop flavor favoring a woody, rustic bitterness.
California Common
5.4% ABV  ·  34 IBU

Peticolas Royal Scandal   
Peticolas Brewing Company  ·  Dallas, TX
A moderate, refreshing ale with noticeable hop aroma balanced by supporting malt flavors.
American Pale Ale
6.5% ABV  ·  36 IBU