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Kay Bob's Grill & Ale

Restaurant in Nashville
We make delicious flame grilled food and pour awesome craft beers from our 25 taps. Located at 1602 21st Ave S. in Hillsboro Village near Vanderbilt University.

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  1602 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212
  (615) 321-4567
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Tap List - 23

Abita Root Beer   
Abita Brewing Co.  ·  Abita Springs, LA
Pint : $2.50
Abita Root Beer is made with a hot mix process using spring water, herbs, vanilla and yucca.

Ace Pineapple Hard Cider   
Ace Cider  ·  Sebastopol, CA
Pint : $6.00
A refreshing drink with wine-like apple flavors.
Other Specialty Cider/Perry
5.0% ABV  ·  7 IBU

Alpine Pure Hoppiness   
Alpine Beer Company  ·  Alpine, CA
10 oz : $7.50
This beer will take you to hop heaven. We've used hops in the boil, more hops in the giant hopback, and more dry-hopping!
Double IPA
8.0% ABV  ·  70 IBU

Bell's Two Hearted Ale   
Bell's Brewery  ·  Kalamazoo, MI
Pint : $6.00
A significant malt body balances the hop presence, together with the fruity yeast aromas, lead to a remarkably drinkable American-style IPA.
American IPA
7.0% ABV  ·  55 IBU

Black Abbey Crossroads   
Black Abbey Brewing Company  ·  Nashville, TN
Pint : $5.00
An ale that is light and crisp while medium-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel.
Cream Ale
4.9% ABV

Briarscratch Hitchin' Post Pale Ale   
BriarScratch Brewing  ·  Cottontown, TN
Pint : $5.00
A moderate, refreshing ale with noticeable hop aroma balanced by supporting malt flavors.
American Pale Ale
5.8% ABV  ·  40 IBU

Calfkiller J. Henry Original Mild   
Calfkiller Brewing Company  ·  Sparta, TN
Pint : $6.00
A dark, malt-focused session ale with a wide range of dark malt and sugar expression.
Dark Mild
5.9% ABV

Crazy Mountain Creedence Pilsner   
Crazy Mountain Brewing Company  ·  Edwards, CO
Pint : $6.00
Pilsner is modeled after the classic bohemian pilsners of Europe. We use high quality Pilsner malt to lend the beer a delicate flavor aroma
German Pils
4.9% ABV  ·  35 IBU

Fat Bottom 2 Hop Shakur   
Fat Bottom Brewery  ·  Nashville, TN
Pint : $5.00
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
6.2% ABV

Garr's Red Jam   
Garr's Beer Co.  ·  Franklin, TN
Pint : $5.00
The Red Jam is a beautiful red ale filled with aromas and flavors of strawberry jam and other dried fruit. Not sweet, because it contains no extracts, syrups, fruits, or purees.
Food Pairings: Enjoy with soft cheeses, smoked meats, and dessert!
Unique Red Ale
6.0% ABV  ·  29 IBU

Left Hand Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter   
Left Hand Brewing Company  ·  Longmont, CO
Pint : $6.00
Innately predisposed to be smooth when Poured Hard, this nitro coffee porter builds a pillowy, toffee-sweet head. Coffee and flavors of caramelized sugar, cacao and hints of blueberry lead to a light, smoky finish.
American Porter
6.0% ABV  ·  33 IBU
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Mantra Citreamsicle   
Mantra Artisan Ales  ·  Franklin, TN
Pint : $6.00
A moderate, refreshing ale with noticeable hop aroma balanced by supporting malt flavors.

Mayday Angry Redhead   
Mayday Brewery  ·  Murfreesboro, TN
Pint : $5.00
A moderate, hoppy beer with a distinct caramel malty flavor.

Mill Creek Lil' Darlin'   
Mill Creek Brewing Co.  ·  Nolensville, TN
Pint : $5.00
A refreshing wheat beer that favors hoppy notes over yeast character.

NOLA 7th Street Wheat Lemon Basil   
NOLA Brewing Co.  ·  New Orleans, LA
Pint : $5.00
A refreshing wheat beer that favors hoppy notes over yeast character.
American Wheat Beer
4.5% ABV  ·  12 IBU

New Belgium Lips Of Faith Clutch   
New Belgium Brewing  ·  Fort Collins, CO
10 oz : $6.00
Black as night, this beer is blended at 80% stout, 20% dark sour wood beer
Wild Specialty Beer
8.5% ABV  ·  17 IBU

New Heights Trye Star   
New Heights Brewing Company  ·  Nashville , TN
Pint : $5.00
Three hops, three grains, three "Grand Divisions." This IPA has a rye spiciness and crispness with a nice malt backbone from the Two Row and
6.2% ABV

Smith & Lentz American Special Bitter    Nitro  
Smith & Lentz Brewing Company  ·  Nashville, TN
Pint : $6.00
A refreshing session beer with aromatic hops and a balanced malt profile.
Best Bitter
5.4% ABV

Smith & Lentz Humdinger Session IPA   
Smith & Lentz Brewing Company  ·  Nashville, TN
Pint : $5.00
Citra and Mosaic hops.
American IPA
4.0% ABV

Stone Ripper Pale Ale   
Stone Brewing Co.  ·  Escondido, CA
Pint : $6.00
A moderate, refreshing ale with noticeable hop aroma balanced by supporting malt flavors.
American Pale Ale
5.7% ABV  ·  40 IBU

SweetWater Blue   
SweetWater Brewing Company  ·  Atlanta, GA
Pint : $5.00
A unique light bodied ale with a hint of fresh blueberries. It begins with an appealing blueberry aroma and finishes as a surprisingly thirst quenching ale.
Fruit Beer
4.9% ABV  ·  7 IBU

SweetWater Dank Tank Smokey And The Brett   
SweetWater Brewing Company  ·  Atlanta, GA
10 oz : $6.00
A funky flavored beer with dry fruity flavors
Brett Beer
7.3% ABV

Turtle Anarchy Mrs. Lovett's ESB   
Turtle Anarchy Brewing Company  ·  Franklin, TN
Pint : $5.00
A pale bitter ale with pronounced malt and hop flavors.
Strong Bitter
6.7% ABV  ·  47 IBU