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Bar/Pub/Tavern/Restaurant/Gastropub in Minneapolis–St. Paul

Welcome to New Bohemia a modern take on a german craft beer hall located in Eagan MN. We feature 36 rotating draft beers focusing on the amazing local beer selection in Minnesota and around the country. 

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  1278 Town Centre Dr # 195, Eagan, MN 55123
Monday: 11am-10pm
Tueday: 11am-10pm
Wednesday: 11am-11pm
Thursday: 11am-11pm
Friday: 11am-12am
Saturday: 11am-12am
Sunday: 11am-10pm
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Tap List - 35

Alaskan Amber   
Alaskan Brewing Company  ·  Juneau, AK
16 oz: $6.00
Our flagship beer is based on a turn-of-the-century recipe that quenched the thirst of miners during the Klondike Gold Rush. Smooth and richly malty, this altbier goes well with any meal.
American Amber Ale
5.3% ABV  ·  18 IBU

AleSmith Pale Ale .394   
AleSmith Brewing Company  ·  San Diego, CA
16 oz: $7.50
AleSmith Pale Ale .394 pays tribute to the city that Tony Gwynn loved and the career high batting average that he achieved in '94.
American Pale Ale
6.0% ABV  ·  26 IBU

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider   
Angry Orchard Cider Co  ·  Cincinnati, OH
10 oz: $6.00  · 
This crisp and refreshing cider offers sweet apple notes up front with a subtle dryness at the finish for a balanced cider taste.
Fruit Cider
5.0% ABV  ·  7 IBU

Badger Hill Msb   
Badger Hill Brewing  ·  Shakopee, MN
16 oz: $6.50
The key to appreciating a true strong bitter: A balance that you’ll savor. Our pronounced hop usage has been compensated with smooth malt perfectly. Presenting our inaugural brew, with hints of its English roots and a whole lotta Minnesota depth to explore.
Best Bitter
5.7% ABV  ·  47 IBU

Badger Hill Traitor IPA   
Badger Hill Brewing  ·  Shakopee, MN
16 oz: $6.50
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
7.0% ABV  ·  70 IBU

Bauhaus Sky-Five IPA   
Bauhaus Brew Labs  ·  Minneapolis, MN
16 oz: $6.50
Generous late hop additions provide loads of hop flavor, with just enough bitterness to ignite your senses and make your wilder dreams come true. Notes of citrus, passionfruit and spice are supported by German and British malts, building a full-flavored yet balanced IPA.
American IPA
6.7% ABV  ·  70 IBU

Bauhaus Stargazer   
Bauhaus Brew Labs  ·  Minneapolis, MN
16 oz: $6.50
A dark, German-style lager with balanced roasted, smooth malt flavors and mild bitterness.
5.0% ABV  ·  34 IBU

Bent Paddle Cold Press Black Ale   
Bent Paddle Brewing Co.  ·  Duluth, MN
16 oz: $6.00
Our Bent Paddle Black infused with fresh Duluth Coffee Co. "Crazy Juice" cold press coffee - top o' the morning to ya!
American Stout
6.0% ABV  ·  52 IBU

Blue Moon Belgian White   
Blue Moon Brewing Co.  ·  Golden, CO
16 oz: $6.00
Brewed with oats and spiced with orange peel and coriander. An unfiltered wheat ale spiced in the Belgian tradition.
5.4% ABV  ·  9 IBU

Castle Danger 17-7 Pale Ale   
Castle Danger Brewery  ·  Two Harbors , MN
16 oz: $6.00
A moderate, refreshing ale with noticeable hop aroma balanced by supporting malt flavors.

Castle Danger Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA   
Castle Danger Brewery  ·  Two Harbors , MN
10 oz: $7.00  · 
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
6.8% ABV

DESTIHL Blueberry   
DESTIHL Brewery  ·  Bloomington, IL
10 oz: $6.50  · 
A refreshing tart and fruity wheat ale with a salt character
5.2% ABV

Deschutes Black Butte Porter Nitro   
Deschutes Brewery  ·  Bend, OR
A slight hop bitterness up front enhances the distinctive chocolate and roasted finish. It’s prized for it’s creamy mouthfeel.
American Porter
5.2% ABV  ·  30 IBU

Finnegan's Hoppy Shepherd   
Finnegan's  ·  St. Paul, MN
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
4.6% ABV

Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale   
Flying Dog Brewery  ·  Frederick, MD
A beer that derives some of its taste and aroma from the particular spices, herbs or vegetables
Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
5.6% ABV  ·  25 IBU

Four Daughters Vineyard Winery Loon Juice Cider   
Four Daughters  ·  Spring Valley, MN
16 oz: $7.00
A refreshing drink with medium body and wine-like apple flavor.
Common Cider
6.0% ABV  ·  20 IBU

Fulton Lonely Blonde   
Fulton Brewery  ·  Minneapolis, MN
16 oz: $5.50
The Lonely Blonde wears a delicate fragrance of German noble hops, and slips a touch of white wheat between American pale and crystal malts for a smooth, sensuous body, fair complexion, and a pleasantly lacy white head.
Blonde Ale
4.8% ABV  ·  29 IBU

Hammerheart Gorm The Old Ale   
Hammerheart Brewing Company  ·  Lino Lakes, MN
10 oz: $7.00  · 
A noticeably strong beer tilted towards malty sweetness that is best drunk by a warm fire on a cold winter’s night.
Old Ale
7.4% ABV

Hammerheart Surtrs Flame   
Hammerheart Brewing Company  ·  Lino Lakes, MN
16 oz: $7.50
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
8.1% ABV

Indeed Helles Bock   
Indeed Brewing Company  ·  Minneapolis, MN
A strong, malty, pale German-style lager with strong hop character.
Helles Bock
7.7% ABV

Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison   
Lift Bridge Brewing Company  ·  Stillwater, MN
16 oz: $5.50
Perfectly balanced and moderately sweet with light citrus notes and a distinct spiciness from choice Belgian yeasts.
5.8% ABV  ·  19 IBU

Lift Bridge Rootbeer   
Lift Bridge Brewing Company  ·  Stillwater, MN
16 oz: $3.00

Mankato Leaf Raker Nut Brown Ale   
Mankato Brewery  ·  Mankato, MN
16 oz: $6.00
Leaf Raker is named for the perennial task that has fallen before us, and rewards the hard work with malty, nutty flavors and hints of caramel, smoke, and roasted malts.
American Brown Ale
6.9% ABV  ·  36 IBU

New Belgium Fat Tire   
New Belgium Brewing  ·  Fort Collins, CO
16 oz: $6.00
An exceptionally smooth copper colored beer with toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness
American Amber Ale
5.2% ABV  ·  22 IBU

Northgate Wall's End   
NorthGate Brewing  ·  Minneapolis, MN
A malty beer that uses its hop flavor to complement and enhance its chocolate and caramel characters.
American Brown Ale
4.8% ABV  ·  19 IBU

Paulaner Hefe-weizen   
Paulaner Brauerei  ·  Munich, Germany
16 oz: $7.00
Specifically cultivated, top-fermented yeast give it its unmistakable character: sparklingly mild and fruity with a delicate yeast flavour.
5.5% ABV  ·  14 IBU

Samuel Adams Boston Lager   
Samuel Adams Boston Lager® offers a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex.
American Lager
4.9% ABV  ·  30 IBU

Steel Toe Size 7 IPA   
Steel Toe Brewing  ·  St Louis Park, MN
16 oz: $6.00
While the size of the boot might be a bit small, the intensity of the hop flavor and aroma in Size 7 more than makes up for it. We take prodigious amounts of hops and add them any chance we get to this Northwest style IPA. If you ever call Size 7 balanced we’ll kick you where it hurts (in the hop sack).
American IPA
7.0% ABV  ·  77 IBU

Summit EPA   
Summit Brewing Co.  ·  St. Paul, MN
16 oz: $5.50
Its light bronze color and distinctly hoppy flavor have made it a favorite in St. Paul, Minneapolis and the rest of the Upper Midwest ever since we first brewed it back in 1986.
American Pale Ale
5.2% ABV  ·  49 IBU

Summit Nitro Oatmeal Stout    Nitro  
Summit Brewing Co.  ·  St. Paul, MN
16 oz: $5.50
Summit Nitro Oatmeal Stout is made with naked oats from the UK. Smooth and slightly sweet with hints of coffee, caramel and chocolate.
Oatmeal Stout
4.7% ABV  ·  41 IBU

Surly Darkness 2016   
Surly Brewing Company  ·  Minneapolis, MN
A big, intensely flavored dark ale that ends with a warming, bittersweet finish.
Imperial Stout
10.0% ABV

Surly Furious   
Surly Brewing Company  ·  Minneapolis, MN
16 oz: $6.00
Brewed with a dazzling blend of American hops and Scottish malt, this crimson-hued ale delivers waves of citrus, pine and caramel-toffee. For those who favor flavor, Furious has the hop-fire your taste buds have been screeching for.
American IPA
6.2% ABV  ·  99 IBU

Surly Hell   
Surly Brewing Company  ·  Minneapolis, MN
16 oz: $5.50
American hops takes a back seat to the Pils malt sweetness and fresh bread aroma.
Munich Helles
4.5% ABV  ·  20 IBU

Third Street - Three Way Pale Ale   
Third Street Brewhouse  ·  Cold Spring, MN
16 oz: $6.00
Three Way is sessionable pale ale with a deep golden hue and a flavor characterized by floral and citrus like hops.

Third Street New Bohemia Lager   
Third Street Brewhouse  ·  Cold Spring, MN
16 oz: $5.50
A light-bodied lager designed with drinkability in mind.
American Lager
4.2% ABV

On Deck - 2

Breckenridge Avalanche Amber Ale   
Breckenridge Brewery  ·  Littleton, CO
Aromas of pale grains, a semi-sweet middle and a clean-as-Colorado snow finish make this our best-selling beer.
American Amber Ale
4.4% ABV  ·  19 IBU

Samuel Adams Octoberfest   
Our Octoberfest blends hearty malts for a deep, smooth flavor with caramel notes creating a brew that’s perfect whatever you’re celebrating
5.3% ABV  ·  16 IBU