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TapHunter is two things: it’s an industry tool for bar and restaurant owners & a consumer-facing mobile app for beer, spirit and cocktail lovers!

For the beverage industry, TapHunter provides on- and off-premise accounts with time- and money-saving tools that automatically updates beverage inventory on social media channels, websites, print menus and digital displays. This exposure empowers our customers by helping transform beer, spirits, and cocktail menus into valuable revenue producers.

For the consumer, TapHunter.com and the TapHunter mobile app, available in the App Store and Google Play, enables consumers to locate their favorite beer, spirits and cocktails in markets across the United States.

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  101 W. Broadway San Diego, CA 92101
  (619) 512-2337
Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
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Tap List - 21

AleSmith Grand Cru   
AleSmith Brewing Company  ·  San Diego, CA
Toasty, caramelly flavors, as well as flavors imparted by the Belgian yeast strain, predominate over a tapestry of subtle nuances.
Belgian Dark Strong Ale
10.0% ABV  ·  50 IBU

AleSmith Speedway Stout    Nitro  
AleSmith Brewing Company  ·  San Diego, CA
Chocolate and roasted malts dominate the flavor, supported by notes of dark fruit, toffee, and caramel.
Imperial Stout
12.0% ABV  ·  70 IBU

AleSmith Speedway Stout - Vietnamese Coffee   
AleSmith Brewing Company  ·  San Diego, CA
Starts with a strong coffee and dark chocolate sensation, then fades to a multitude of toasty, roasty and caramel malt flavors.
Imperial Stout
12.0% ABV  ·  70 IBU

Alpine Duet   
Alpine Beer Company  ·  Alpine, CA
Our original single IPA made with Simcoe and Amarillo hops “in harmony.”
American IPA
7.0% ABV  ·  45 IBU

Alpine Nelson   
Alpine Beer Company  ·  Alpine, CA
A Golden Rye IPA - An outstanding hop from New Zealand, Nelson Sauvin, is generously used throughout the brewing and dry-hopping of this unique beer. European rye is added for a smooth, malty addition to flavor.
American IPA
7.0% ABV  ·  50 IBU

Anchorage Mosaic Saison   
Anchorage Brewing  ·  Anchorage, AK
A Belgian ale that is most commonly pale, refreshing, moderately strong and finishes dry
6.5% ABV  ·  30 IBU

Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin   
Ballast Point Brewing Company  ·  San Diego, CA
While its bright fruit notes and hoppy bite has made the original one of our favorites, Habañero Sculpin takes that balance of flavors to the next level.
American IPA
7.0% ABV  ·  70 IBU

Ballast Point Three Sheets Barleywine   
Ballast Point Brewing Company  ·  San Diego, CA
A very strong ale with hop character, rich malt flavors, and prevalent alcohol with a very long finish.

Ballast Point Victory at Sea   
Ballast Point Brewing Company  ·  San Diego, CA
Victory at Sea embodies the art of masterful brewing by infusing a velvety Imperial Porter with pure vanilla flavor and specially-selected, hand roasted coffee.
American Porter
10.0% ABV  ·  60 IBU

Bell's Hopslam 2016   
Bell's Brewery  ·  Kalamazoo, MI
6 different hop varietals added to the brew kettle & a massive dry-hop addition of Simcoe hops. A pungent blend of grapefruit, stone fruit, and floral notes. A generous malt bill and a solid dollop of honey provide just enough body to keep the balance in check, resulting in a remarkably drinkable rendition of the Double India Pale Ale style.
Double IPA
10.0% ABV  ·  70 IBU

Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale   
Boulevard Brewing Company  ·  Kansas City, MO
Beginning with a big surge of fruity aromatics and grapefruit-hoppy notes, the flavor of this complex, straw-colored ale tapers off to a peppery, dry finish.
8.5% ABV  ·  38 IBU

Bronx Brewery Pale Ale   
The Bronx Brewery  ·  New York, NY
A moderate, hoppy beer with a distinct caramel malty flavor.

Bruery Terreux Saison Rue   
The Bruery Terreux  ·  Anaheim, CA
8 oz: $6.00  · 
Saison Rue is an unfiltered, bottle conditioned, Belgian/French-style farmhouse ale. This is a beer of subtlety and complexity, with malted rye, spicy, fruity yeast notes, biscuit-like malt backbone and a slight citrus hop character. With age, this beer will dry out and will become more complex with rustic notes of leather and earth from the contribution of a wild yeast strain.
8.5% ABV  ·  28 IBU

Fall 2am Bike Ride Vanilla Stout   
Fall Brewing Co.  ·  San Diego, CA
A fairly strong, highly roasted dark stout with pronounced bitterness.
American Stout
5.0% ABV

Guinness Draught    Nitro  
St. James Gate (Guinness)  ·  Dublin, Ireland
Is made from water, barley, roast malt extract, hops, and brewer’s yeast. An old and firm favourite.
Irish Stout
4.2% ABV  ·  40 IBU

Little Creatures Single Batch Saison   
Little Creatures Brewing  ·  Silverwater, NSW
A Belgian ale that is most commonly pale, refreshing, moderately strong and finishes dry
6.5% ABV  ·  30 IBU

Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel   
Mikkeller  ·  San Diego, CA
A big, intensely flavored dark ale that ends with a warming, bittersweet finish.
Imperial Stout
10.9% ABV

Mother Earth Cali Creamin    Nitro  
Mother Earth Brew Co.  ·  Vista, CA
8 oz: $8.00  · 
A medium bodied cult classic, it is sure to woo the ladies, but also flavorful enough to satisfy the dudes.
Cream Ale
5.2% ABV  ·  21 IBU

Russian River Pliny The Younger   
Russian River Brewing Company  ·  Santa Rosa, CA
An intensely hoppy pale ale with minimal malt character, designed to showcase its strong hop flavors.
Double IPA
11.0% ABV  ·  90 IBU

Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0   
Stone Brewing Co.  ·  Escondido, CA
For the second incarnation of our groundbreaking IPA, we employed dry hopping and hop bursting to squeeze every last drop of piney, citrusy, tropical essence from the hops that give this beer its incredible character.
Double IPA
8.5% ABV  ·  100 IBU

The Bruery Cuivre 7th Anniversary   
The Bruery  ·  Placentia, CA
Cuivre is loosely brewed in the English-style Old Ale tradition using our house Belgian yeast strain and then blended using the solera method. A portion of each of our anniversary ales is saved in our barrels and blended in with the next year’s production, providing more complexity and depth of character that comes with age. Layered with complex flavors of dark fruit,vanilla, oak, and burnt sugar.
Old Ale
16.2% ABV  ·  25 IBU

Bottle List - 11

Arrogant Bastard Ale   
Stone Brewing Co.  ·  Escondido, CA
22 oz : $8.50
This is an aggressive beer. You probably won't like it. It is quite doubtful you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality or depth.
American Strong Ale
7.2% ABV  ·  100 IBU

Blue Moon Belgian White   
Blue Moon Brewing Co.  ·  Golden, CO
12 oz : $3.50
Brewed with oats and spiced with orange peel and coriander. An unfiltered wheat ale spiced in the Belgian tradition.
5.4% ABV  ·  9 IBU

Coronado Idiot IPA    Can  
Coronado Brewing Company  ·  Coronado, CA
12 oz : $4.00
A generous blend of 4 hops brings forth a myriad of tropical fruit flavors and a brawny, persistent bitterness that makes for a highly intelligent brew.
Imperial IPA
8.5% ABV  ·  90 IBU

Coronado Mermaid's Red Ale    Can  
Coronado Brewing Company  ·  Coronado, CA
12 oz : $3.50
Well hopped to balance the malty sweetness, and dry-hopped with cascade for a full hop flavor and aroma.
American Amber Ale
5.7% ABV  ·  46 IBU

Coronado Orange Avenue Wit   
Coronado Brewing Company  ·  Coronado, CA
12 oz : $4.50
This So-Cal take on a traditional witbier honors Coronado's main street, which is home to our brewpub and was once lined with orange trees.
California Wit
5.2% ABV  ·  19 IBU

Mike Hess Habitus Double IPA    Can  
Mike Hess Brewing  ·  San Diego, CA
16 oz : $5.50
Habitus is a very drinkable, high gravity, crisp and spicy rye IPA, hopped generously throughout the brew process and then dry-hopped with over a pound per barrel of Sterling and Chinook hops. Earthy and spicy notes from both the hops and the rye malt, complemented by the floral and piney aromatics.
Double IPA
8.0% ABV  ·  100 IBU

Omission IPA   
Omission Brewing  ·  Portland, OR
12 oz : $5.50
Omission IPA is a bright, hop forward Northwest Style IPA produced in the spirit of the original IPAs shipped from the UK to India
Gluten-Free IPA
6.7% ABV  ·  65 IBU

Omission Pale Ale   
Omission Brewing  ·  Portland, OR
12 oz : $5.50
Bold and hoppy, Omission Pale Ale is a hop-forward American Pale Ale, brewed to showcase the Cascade hop profile.
Gluten-Free Pale Ale
5.8% ABV  ·  33 IBU

Pizza Port Swamis IPA    Can  
Pizza Port  ·  Carlsbad, CA
16 oz : $4.00
A bold IPA hopped to the extreme with galena, Centennial and Cascade hops. Also added is a healthy dose of dry hops in the serving tank and always serve it unfiltered.
American IPA
6.8% ABV  ·  72 IBU

Russian River Pliny The Elder   
Russian River Brewing Company  ·  Santa Rosa, CA
16 oz : $4.00
Pliny the Elder is well-balanced with malt, hops, and alcohol, slightly bitter with a fresh hop aroma of floral, citrus, and pine.
Double IPA
8.0% ABV  ·  92 IBU

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA   
12 oz : $5.00
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
7.2% ABV  ·  70 IBU

Spirits - 9

Grain Vodka
80° (40%)

Bacardi 8 Year Old Rum   
Bacardi Rum Distillery  ·  San Juan, Puerto Rico
Premium Aged Rum
8 yr
80° (40%)

Bacardi Superior Rum   
Bacardi Rum Distillery  ·  San Juan, Puerto Rico
White Rum
75° (37.5%)

Bonita Tequila Platinum   
La Cofradia  ·  Taquila Jalisco, Mexico
Blanco Tequila
80° (40%)

Gruppo Campari  ·  Italy
48° (24%)

Wine - 21

Andreola Prosecco   
Andreola  ·  Prosecco di Conegliano - Valdobbiadene, Veneto
Half Glass: $5.00  ·  Glass: $10.00  · 

Arrowood Saralee's Vineyard Select Late Harvest Riesling   
Arrowood Vineyards & Winery  ·  Sonoma County, California
Vintage: 2008
Half Glass: $6.00  ·  Glass: $12.00  · 

Arrowood Saralee's Vineyard Syrah   
Arrowood Vineyards & Winery  ·  Sonoma County, California
Vintage: 2007
Half Glass: $5.00  ·  Glass: $10.00  · 

Babich Black Label   
Babich  ·  Gisborne
Vintage: 2014
Half Glass: $6.00  ·  Glass: $12.00  ·  Bottle: $48.00

Black Opal Cabernet/Merlot   
Black Opal  ·  Australia
Vintage: 2003
Half Glass: $4.00  ·  Glass: $8.00  ·  Bottle: $40.00

Canella Prosecco   
Canella  ·  Veneto
Vintage: 2013
Half Glass: $5.00  ·  Glass: $10.00  ·  Bottle: $40.00
Brilliant straw yellow with fine, persistentperlage, fruity aromas of peach, apple, pearand citrus fruit, the palate gracefully balanceszingy acidity and a subtle hint of sweetness,richness and silky-smooth texture.

Cave de Lugny Macon Lugny Les Charmes Chardonnay   
Cave de Lugny  ·  Burgundy
Vintage: 2001
Half Glass: $3.00  ·  Glass: $6.00  ·  Bottle: $22.00

Cavit Prosecco Lunetta   
Cavit  ·  Trentino-Alto Adige
Vintage: 2013
Half Glass: $7.00  ·  Glass: $14.00  ·  Bottle: $56.00

Clos Saron Heart of Stone   
Clos Saron  ·  California
Vintage: 2005
Half Glass: $9.00  ·  Glass: $18.00  ·  Bottle: $72.00

Delicato Blue Label Sauvignon Blanc   
Delicato Family Vineyards  ·  California
Vintage: 2001
Half Glass: $5.00  ·  Glass: $10.00  ·  Bottle: $40.00

MacMurray Ranch Central Coast Pinot Noir   
MacMurray Ranch  ·  Sonoma County, CA
Vintage: 2013
Half Glass: $6.00  ·  Glass: $12.00  ·  Bottle: $48.00

MacRostie Wildcat Mountain Vineyard Syrah   
Macrostie  ·  California
Vintage: 2004
Half Glass: $4.00  ·  Glass: $8.00  ·  Bottle: $40.00

McGuigan Brothers Black Label Shiraz   
McGuigan Brothers Wines
Vintage: 2000
Half Glass: $6.00  ·  Glass: $12.00  ·  Bottle: $48.00

Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz   
Mollydooker  ·  Australia
Vintage: 2013
Half Glass: $7.00  ·  Glass: $14.00  ·  Bottle: $56.00

Mâcon-Vergisson Domaine Simonin   
Domaine Simonin  ·  Burgundy
Half Glass: $7.00  ·  Glass: $14.00  ·  Bottle: $56.00

S.A. Prum Blue Riesling   
S.A. Prum  ·  Mosel
Vintage: 2007
Half Glass: $6.00  ·  Glass: $12.00  ·  Bottle: $48.00

Saracco Moscato D'Asti   
Saracco  ·  Trentino-Alto Adige
Half Glass: $8.00  ·  Glass: $16.00  ·  Bottle: $64.00

Sartori Chardonnay   
Sartori  ·  Negrar Verona, Italy
Vintage: 1998
Half Glass: $5.00  ·  Glass: $10.00  ·  Bottle: $40.00

Sartori Pinot Grigio   
Sartori  ·  Negrar Verona, Italy
Vintage: 2000
Half Glass: $4.00  ·  Glass: $8.00  ·  Bottle: $32.00

Talmard Macon Chardonnay   
Talmard  ·  Burgundy
Vintage: 1999
Half Glass: $5.00  ·  Glass: $10.00  ·  Bottle: $40.00

Wynns Coonawarra Estate Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon   
Wynns Coonawarra Estate  ·  Coonawarra, Limestone Coast
Vintage: 1998
Half Glass: $5.00  ·  Glass: $10.00  ·  Bottle: $40.00

Cocktails - 5

Black Sheep
Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka Anisette St. Germain Tonic Water Blackberries

Gin and Milk
Tanqueray No. Ten Coconut milk

Old Fashioned
Buffalo Trace Breckenridge Bitters Simple Sugar Lemon Peel Black Cherry
Sweet Bitter
Light Alcohol Spirit Forward

San Diego
Dom Perignon Effen Black Cherry Vodka Keri Orange Juice Raspberry

American Rye Whiskey Angelique Absinthe Sugar Cube Angostura Bitters

On Deck - 2

Left Hand Milk Stout    Nitro  
Left Hand Brewing Company  ·  Longmont, CO
Milk Stout cascades beautifully, building a tight, thick head like hard whipped cream. The aroma is of brown sugar and vanilla cream, with hints of roasted coffee.
Sweet Stout
6.0% ABV  ·  25 IBU

Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout   
Samuel Smith's Old Brewery  ·  Yorkshire, United Kingdom
This is the perfect marriage of satisfying stout and luxurious chocolate.
Sweet Stout
5.0% ABV  ·  15 IBU