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Whole Foods Market - Uptown Dallas

Bar/Pub/Tavern/Restaurant/Gastropub in Dallas-Fort Worth

Located in hip Uptown Dallas, the Whole Foods Market Uptown Taproom features beer, wine, and coffee on tap. Wine Growlers and Beer Growlers for sale on site and filled at the taps.

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  2510 McKinney Ave Dallas, TX 75201
Monday - Saturday 11am-10pm
Sunday 12pm-10pm
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Tap List - 20

Abita Rootbeer    Growler Fills  
Abita Brewing Co.  ·  Abita Springs, LA
Pint : $2.00
Abita Root Beer is made with a hot mix process using spring water, herbs, vanilla and yucca (which creates foam). Unlike most soft drink manufacturers, Abita sweetens its root beer with pure Louisiana cane sugar. The resulting taste is reminiscent of soft drinks made in the 1940s and 1950s, before bottlers turned to corn sugar and fructose. Some soft drink makers add caffeine to their product, but Abita is naturally caffeine-free.

Ace Pineapple    Growler Fills  
Ace Cider  ·  Sebastopol, CA
Pint : $6.00
California Apple Cider with Pineapples
Food Pairings: Beef Loin, Coconut Cream, Cilantro Curry
Fruit Cider
5.0% ABV  ·  1 IBU

Armadillo Ale Works Dapper Apple    Growler Fills  
Armadillo Ale Works  ·  Denton, TX
Pint : $6.00
A beer with flavors and aroma from fruit and spices

Clown Shoes Archdruid   
Clown Shoes Beer  ·  Ipswich, MA
Tulip : $8.00
A beer that has picked up flavors and aroma from both the wood and the previous alcohol stored in the wood

Clown Shoes The Barista   
Clown Shoes Beer  ·  Ipswich, MA
Tulip : $8.00
A Clown Shoes legend, Brown Angel, put away her dancing shoes to focus on extracting espresso, brewing coffee and pouring latte art with Zen-like focus. The Barista Breakfast Brown is crafted with Maris Otter malt, flaked oatmeal, cold brewed espresso, milk sugars and the spirit of angel wings.

Destihl Brewery Abbey's Single    Growler Fills  
DESTIHL Brewery  ·  Bloomington, IL
Pint : $5.00
A somewhat fruity and easy drinking Belgian ale which is less aggressive than many other Belgian beers
Belgian Abbey Single
4.9% ABV  ·  22 IBU

Lakewood Sin Mint Temptress    Growler Fills  
Lakewood Brewing Company  ·  Garland, TX
Tulip : $6.00
A big, intensely flavored dark ale that ends with a warming, bittersweet finish.
Food Pairings: Fresh-baked cookies, brownies, fudge, and guilty pleasures

Martin House Cheer Wine Ale   
Martin House Brewing Company  ·  Fort Worth, TX
Snifter : $6.00
A rich, high alcohol ale with bready wheat and fruity yeast flavors.
11.0% ABV

Noble Rey Off The Leash    Growler Fills  
Noble Rey Brewing Co.  ·  Dallas, TX
Pint : $6.00
A moderate, hoppy beer with a distinct caramel malty flavor.
American Amber Ale
6.0% ABV  ·  22 IBU

Peticolas Ghost Of Alfred Brown    Growler Fills  
Peticolas Brewing Company  ·  Dallas, TX
Pint : $6.00
A brown British ale centered around light, caramel-centric malty notes.
British Brown Ale
5.5% ABV  ·  25 IBU

Peticolas Great Scot!    Growler Fills  
Peticolas Brewing Company  ·  Dallas, TX
Pint : $6.00
A medium-bodied Scottish-style ale with a central focus on maltiness and caramel flavors.
Scottish Heavy
6.8% ABV  ·  24 IBU

Peticolas Sit Down Or I'll Sit You Down    Growler Fills  
Peticolas Brewing Company  ·  Dallas, TX
Snifter : $6.00
An intensely hoppy pale ale with minimal malt character, designed to showcase its strong hop flavors.
Double IPA
10.0% ABV  ·  90 IBU

Peticolas Velvet Hammer    Growler Fills  
Peticolas Brewing Company  ·  Dallas, TX
Tulip : $6.00
A strong ale with full malt and hop flavors and distinct bitterness.
American Strong Ale
9.0% ABV  ·  85 IBU

Revolver Yam Dankee    Growler Fills  
Revolver Brewing  ·  Granbury, TX
Tulip : $6.00
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
7.0% ABV  ·  80 IBU

Stone Enjoy By 12.25.16 Unfiltered IPA   
Stone Brewing Co.  ·  Escondido, CA
Tulip : $8.00
By letting this IPA go unfiltered, its peach and tropical fruit hop flavors are amplified while its golden-hued color takes on a hazy appea
Double IPA
9.4% ABV  ·  98 IBU

TUPPS Cotton Mill Gold    Growler Fills  
TUPPS  ·  McKinney, TX
Pint : $5.00
This golden pale features a nice presence of rye, wheat, and oats and five different hops in a light, drinkable ale.
American Pale Ale
6.0% ABV  ·  38.9 IBU

Wasatch Polygamy Porter   
Wasatch Brewery  ·  Park City, UT
Pint : $6.00
A complex, malty dark beer with a lightly burnt character.
American Porter
6.0% ABV  ·  24 IBU

Wild Acre Billy Jenkins Session Bock    Growler Fills  
Wild Acre Brewing Co.  ·  Fort Worth, TX
Pint : $5.00
A strong, malty, pale German-style lager with strong hop character.
Helles Bock
5.2% ABV  ·  15 IBU

Wild Acre Soul Pleasure    Growler Fills  
Wild Acre Brewing Co.  ·  Fort Worth, TX
Pint : $5.00
A fairly strong, highly roasted dark stout with pronounced bitterness.
American Stout
6.0% ABV  ·  35 IBU

Wild Acre Tarantula Hawk    Growler Fills  
Wild Acre Brewing Co.  ·  Fort Worth, TX
Pint : $5.00
A bitter, moderately strong ale that carries some caramel and dark fruit malt character and finishes dry.
6.5% ABV  ·  75 IBU