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Hi. We're HopFusion Ale Works, a micro-craft brewery located deep in the heart of the Near Southside in Fort Worth, Texas.


Feisty Blonde
HopFusion Ale Works  ·  Fort Worth, TX
This bronze/golden ale combines deeply aromatic orange blossom honey with a touch of pure Mexican Vanilla and raw brown sugar to round out its smooth finish.
8.27% ABV
16.6 IBU

Fur Slipper
HopFusion Ale Works  ·  Fort Worth, TX
Silky smooth with notes of roasted hazelnut, dark chocolate and toffee; our Fur Slipper is a fusion of the traditional Milk Stout with the rich tones of a Russian Imperial.
8.63% ABV
34.2 IBU

HopFusion Ale Works  ·  Fort Worth, TX
A twist on the traditional American Pale Ale. A hop-forward, deep amber rye pale.
6.38% ABV
68.7 IBU

HopFusion Ale Works  ·  Fort Worth, TX
We can't say enough about the peppery, spicy profile rye offers to any well-crafted micro-brew. We took it up a notch and added a generous portion of rye and dark roasted barley to compliment the citrus backbone of the Cascade hop.
7.81% ABV
81.1 IBU