Beer Tasting Dinner - Town in City Brewery

September 29, 2016 7:00PM - 10:00PM at Rudyard's British Pub

Summer is slowing and fall is rolling in It's going to be a fun Beer & Food Pairing this September 29 with one of the relatively new guys in town - Town in City Brewing Company! We have a great line up. Of course, The Uncommon Cowboy which is their flagship California Common. In the IPA category The Chipped Tooth IPA has great balance for a refreshing bitter edge while The White Linen white IPA is a highly successful mash up of hops and wheat beer. City Porter is a brewery favorite among their regulars with its smooth mouth feel and clean finish. The English amber style of the City Amber has an American twist - the floral, citrusy hop varieties combine nicely with the complex, three malt backbone makes for interesting easy drinking.Joe Apa will bring his magic palate to the party to create our traditional 5 course beer & food pairing meal. Appetizer, soup/salad, 1st entree, 2nd entree & dessert all evolve out of the fresh seasonal ingredients and locally sourced treats, like cheeses and preserved fruits and veggies. As the 106th month Joe has organized dinner using this template, you can rest assured the meal will have some old favorites along side some newly inspired combinations. Call Rudyard's at 713.521.0521 or visit our website and use the paypal button on the Monthly Beer Dinner page to RSVP your seats for the last Thursday of September today. The $45 per person price is good until next Monday when the price goes to $50. Always a fun, casual affair upstairs at Rudz!

Map of Rudyard's British Pub
Rudyard's British Pub