Bison Machine * Funeral Horse * Satanic Overlords of Rock n Roll

April 02, 2017 8:00PM - 2:00AM at Rudyard's British Pub

Bison Machine (Detroit, MI)

Conceived in a single family wigwam on the far eastern reaches of the city of Detroit, and thrust from the birth canal in a dusty basement in Hamtramck, Bison Machine giveth and bison machine taketh away; no prisoners; no one survives. Live shows are things of wonderment. Volume, blues, saturation. That is the prevailing ethos. Hamtramck's own rock spectacle, heavy and melodic. Things are broken, blood is spilled, clothes and loin cloths are rent from bodies, antler and hides are prevalent. Picture a small child raised on the delta blues since birth, then force fed Zeppelin and Sabbath til they could no longer move, then beaten and whipped with Kyuss, Pentagram, Earthless, Dead Meadow, Willie and Waylon, Queens of the Stone Age, and Thin Lizzy, until one day, the child rears its ugly bruised and misshapen head perched upon its grizzled, muscular, acromegalic body rippling with virility, shrugs off it's chains, and runs down Jos Campau naked, riding a sabertooth tiger. This is the music that poor soul would be singing.

Funeral Horse (Houston, TX)

“If judged on the merit of riffs alone, Texan tarnation masters Funeral Horse would be a holy grail of hard-rock. The constant shifts from road-rage solos to dusty blues riffs to pavement cracking noise-rock/hardcore to vintage 70s hard rock backed by a walloping rhythm section will keep you guessing and ducking for cover as to which direction the bombardment is coming from next. With band members lovingly named Paul Bearer (vocals/guitars) and Jason Andy Argonauts (bass), the entire project has the recipe for sheer global conquest via tongue-in-cheek humor laced into a serious, non-nonsense rock foundation.” Jay S. - Teeth of the Divine.

“Anyone who wants more from their stoner rock than chewed repetitions of a sound we heard countless times before can advantageously turn to the upcoming album from Funeral Horse. Where many others in the constant flow of riff-based rock band for a life in the absence of their own creative initiatives, these Houston-based men refreshingly disrespectful of genre boundaries and preconceptions about how it "should" sound.” Maria van der Lee - Slave State Magazine (Sweden)
"Gifts of Opium and Myrrh" brings that end sooner than I imagine many listeners will want, as the album feels like just a quick tour of the wild animals and wide vistas available to be put on display by the band at just a handful of minutes past half an hour. Of course, that will keep those ears eager for the next release, and busy soaking up the fuzz and grit from this one in the mean-time, so it's hard to feel too put-off by the brevity. A twisting feedback stretch to bridge the way (laid to rest with a burst of instrumentation that works best as a surprise) helps ease the journey's end, leaving first-timers to sit back and reflect on what an unusual one it was. Gabriel - The Burning Beard

“The scintillating doom character hearty Divinity For The Wicked is successfully ornate dynamically stoner elements and tough heavy rock nuggets, which combined with weak punk and post-hardcore irregularities of emerging Funeral Horse gives us an extremely heavy sound that proto metal vagrancy and macho in every note. In short, we are dealing with both rich and balanced and robust heavy sound, which I suppose that will satisfy classic doom sound lovers and lovers of modern stoner music, since the explosive Divinity For The Wicked of Funeral Horse standing on the verge heavy rock future and past. Beautiful.” Lyk - Phantasmagoria (Greece)

Satanic Overlords of Rock n Roll (Houston,TX)

God Damn Soul Fucking, Rock N Roll Addicted, Hell Junkies!!!! Featuring members of U.R.H., The Velostacks, Impulse Manslaughter, Hell City Kings, Down and Dirties, Bickley, Born Liars, Modfag, The Flamin' Hellcats, Donkey Punch.

Sunday 02 April 2017
Bison Machine
with Funeral Horse & The Satanic Overlords of Rock n Roll
$10, 21+, doors 8pm

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