Rare, Funky, and Almost Unavailable: A Beer Tasting

November 17, 2015 6:00PM - 7:30PM at The Cork and Cask

Do you like your beers rare like your steak, funky like an old school Flea riff, and almost unavailable like your Tinder dates? If so, we have the perfect beer tasting for you! Artisan Beverages is bringing us some out-of-town guest beer from Central State Brewing, Upland Brewing Company, and Orpheus Brewing Company. Sour, Saison, IPA, Pale Ale, etc. These beers are not availible in the NC market, but a one week permit allows us to treat you to some. $20 gets you a pass to sample through all the brewery offerings and full pours will also be availible for an extra charge. If these beers tickle your sour fancy, the majority of them and more will be availible at the 3rd annual Salud Beer Shop "Release the Funk" Sour Fest on Saturday, November 21st. Check out their website for ticket info. Pucker up buttercup and join us on the 17th!

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The Cork and Cask