Wine Tasting: Central Italy!

September 28, 2016 7:00PM - 9:00PM at The Cork and Cask

If you love interesting & phenomenal wines, then you're going to LOVE joining us for our next "Wine Class with Crissy" featuring wines from CENTRAL ITALY on Wednesday, September 28th between 7--9 PM!Crissy (usually with her trusty sidekick, Phil) are on a wine-inspired tasting & teaching adventure around the world! They're currently tasting their way through Italy, but have chosen to break the country into smaller tasting lessons to give you a better appreciation for all of the many, many wines produced in Italy! Central Italy is the 3rd class in this tasting series. Crissy & Phil like to get the tasting party started with a few sips of refreshing and delightful white wine before sampling you through various unforgettable reds. Crissy is a lover of all things rosé & bubbles, so one or the other is usually found in her tastings!Whether you're a fully certified sommelier or a total novice who's curious about what different wines taste like, our wine tastings are perfect for you! No pressure, no pretentiousness; just 2 winos bringing their love of wine & education to you for fun!If you like to learn about wine and the different regions it can represent, you've definitely found the right tasting. You'll have access to maps, tasting guides, educational print outs & our teacher's gift of gab. Together they'll make sure you leave with fun facts about the wine you're drinking so you can impress your wine-loving friends when you pop open a bottle of something you bought from the tasting.Don't forget that attending a Wine Class allows you access to "Student pricing" for any wines you taste and wish to pre-order for later enjoyment. The Student pricing is a phenomenal deal and a great way to stock your own wine cupboard with great wines at a great value!We hope to see you (and a friend or 2) on Wednesday, September 28th!-CheersP.S. Italy is known for wine that loves food, so please show up hungry and take advantage of the amazing menu at Cork & Cask! The Block & Board is a particularly tasty treat for pairing with these beautiful Italians wines. .............................FAQs:How much is the tasting?$12 per person. Please pay at the bar and show your receipt to Crissy in order to begin the tasting.How much wine do I get?We pour a minimum of 6 different wines & approx. 2 ounce samples of each one for you to try. You'll wind up consuming around 2 glasses of wine in total. What time should I show up?We set a time window of 7-9 PM. However, this is a relaxed and informal tasting, so please drop in whenever you prefer. Those very eager for seats (or to start drinking) should aim to show up earlier. We "pour until we ain't got no more" so please keep that in mind when arriving close to/after 9 PM.There's a large group of us planning on attending. Can we reserve a table?Unfortunately, C&C; is too small to reserve tables. Everything is "first come, first choice" so large parties should consider arriving early for the best spot!

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