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  421 Fayetteville St, Raleigh, NC 27601
  (919) 838-0681

Hours today: 11:00am - 9:00pm

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Tap List - 21

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider   
Angry Orchard Cider Co  ·  Cincinnati, OH
This crisp and refreshing cider offers sweet apple notes up front with a subtle dryness at the finish for a balanced cider taste.
Fruit Cider
5.0% ABV  ·  7 IBU

Appalachian Mountain Panic Water Hoppy Pils   
Appalachian Mountain Brewery  ·  Boone, NC
A gold-colored, light-bodied German-style beer with crisp, floral hop aroma.
German Pils
5.4% ABV

Big Boss Angry Angel   
Big Boss Brewing Company  ·  Raleigh, NC
A crisp, clear beer balanced with subtle fruit and hop characters.
4.5% ABV  ·  20 IBU

Blake's Hard Cider El Chavo   
Blake's Hard Cider Co.  ·  Armada, MI
"We created this sweet, heated blend of habanero pepper, mango, and our famous Blake’s apples. A hard cider that’s really, honestly, truly like no other. Experience El Chavo."

Bombshell End Of The Line IPA   
Bombshell Beer Company  ·  Holly Springs, NC
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
7.0% ABV  ·  85 IBU

Brüeprint Red, White, & Brue   
Brüeprint Brewing Co  ·  Apex, NC
A refreshing wheat beer that favors hoppy notes over yeast character.
American Wheat Beer
5.6% ABV  ·  18 IBU

Deep River Double D's Watermelon Lager   
Deep River Brewing Company  ·  Clayton, NC
A light-bodied lager designed with drinkability in mind.
American Lager
4.5% ABV  ·  11 IBU

Deep River Mango Tango Foxtrot IPA   
Deep River Brewing Company  ·  Clayton, NC
A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character.
American IPA
5.7% ABV  ·  70 IBU

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus   
DuClaw Brewing Company  ·  Bel Air, MD
Sweet Baby Jesus finishes smooth, dry, and roasty with lingering notes of chocolate and peanut butter so savory, you will exclaim its name!
American Porter
6.2% ABV  ·  33 IBU

Fullsteam Paycheck Pils   
Fullsteam Brewery  ·  Durham, NC
A gold-colored, light-bodied German-style beer with crisp, floral hop aroma.
German Pils
4.5% ABV  ·  35 IBU

Gizmo Brew Works Gose Wild Strawberry Gose   
Gizmo Brew Works  ·  Raleigh, NC
A refreshing tart and fruity wheat ale with a salt character
4.3% ABV  ·  14 IBU

Lonerider Sundance Grapefruit Saison   
Lonerider Brewing Company  ·  Raleigh, NC
A Belgian ale that is most commonly pale, refreshing, moderately strong and finishes dry
6.0% ABV

Red Oak Amber Lager   
Red Oak  ·  Whitsett, NC
At least 5 weeks of cold aging gives Red Oak Bavarian Amber Lager the smooth taste it’s known for.
American Amber Ale
5.3% ABV  ·  20 IBU

Red Oak Hummin' Bird   
Red Oak  ·  Whitsett, NC
A clean, malty, gold-colored German-style lager with a grainy-sweet flavor and a soft, dry finish.
Munich Helles
4.7% ABV

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefe   
Binding-Brauerei AG  ·  Frankfurt, Germany
Schofferhofer grapefruit is a unique combination of sparkling wheat beer and refreshing tangy fruit juice. Mix of 50% Schofferhofer wheat beer and 50% grapefruit juice.
2.5% ABV  ·  11 IBU

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen   
Schofferhofer  ·  Frankfurt, Germany
Made from 50% Schofferhofer Hefeweizen blended with 50% carbonated juice of 100% natural ingredients. Light and refreshing.
Specialty Fruit Beer
2.5% ABV  ·  11 IBU

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen   
Brewed in open fermentation tanks—a process rarely seen today—to let the ingredients truly shine. The result is a hazy wheat ale—untamed, raw and alive.
4.8% ABV  ·  15 IBU

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez   
Prickly pear and grapefruit with their fruity-tangy blend makes Otra Vez, whose tartness is true to the gose style, pop with character.
4.5% ABV  ·  5 IBU

Southern Pines Blanche De Pines   
Southern Pines Brewing Company  ·  Southern Pines, NC
A refreshing wheat ale very pale in color
4.9% ABV

Wicked Weed Coolcumber   
Wicked Weed Brewing  ·  Asheville, NC
Inspired by a Hendricks gin basil cooler, Coolcumber is made with cucumber, basil, and juniper berries. Just like making a great cocktail, this beer is dosed carefully with its ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind flavor experience. Golden in color, this ale is wonderfully drinkable.
Fruit Beer
5.5% ABV  ·  20 IBU

Wicked Weed Lunatic Blonde   
Wicked Weed Brewing  ·  Asheville, NC
This ale is made in the Belgian tradition with Noble hops and our Belgian yeast giving this blonde golden colored ale a wonderfully complex spicy clove like aroma and subtle dried apricot, and biscuit like flavor. This beer is a wonderful entry level Belgian beer for anyone unsure of Belgian styles.
Blonde Ale
6.5% ABV  ·  10 IBU

Spirits - 35

Grain Vodka
80° (40%)

Amaretto Liquer   
Sazerac Company  ·  Metairie, LA

Bacardi Superior Rum   
Bacardi Rum Distillery  ·  San Juan, Puerto Rico
White Rum
75° (37.5%)

Blue Curaco   
Blue Curaco  ·  United States

Bird Dog  ·  United States

Butterscotch Schnapps   
Sazerac Company  ·  Metairie, LA

Crown Royal   
Crown Royal Distillery  ·  Manitoba, Canada
TASTING NOTES NOSE: Rich and robust, with slight hints of vanilla and fruit. PALATE: Delicately smooth and creamy with hints of oak and the sweet flavor of vanilla. FINISH: Long and lingering.

Drambuie  ·  United Kingdom
80° (40%)

Sazerac Company  ·  Metairie, LA
Whisky Liqueur
66° (33%)

Grand Marnier   
Grandial  ·  Champagne

VS Cognac
80° (40%)

Jameson Irish Whiskey   
Midleton Distillery  ·  Midleton, Ireland
Jameson Original is a blend of pot still and fine grain whiskeys that is as versatile as it is smooth. Triple-distilled and aged for a minimum of 4 years, this is the timeless whiskey that turned our green bottle into an icon. Nose: To the nose, Jameson has a light floral fragrance, peppered with spicy wood and sweet notes. Taste: Perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry and exceptional smoothness.

Jim Beam Bourbon   
Jim Beam's flagship whiskey. Jim Beam White Label bourbon undergoes distillation at lower temperatures and is distilled to no more than 62.5%, the White label is aged for four years and has quite a high percentage of rye in the mashbill.

Johnnie Walker Red   
Johnnie Walker & Sons  ·  Kilmarnock, Scotland

Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila Gold   
Casa Cuervo  ·  Tijuana, Mexico

The Kahlua Co  ·  Mexico

Maker's Mark   
Proof: 90 Aroma: Woody oak, caramel, vanilla and wheat prevail in the nose Taste: Sweet and balanced with caramel, vanilla and fruity essences Finish: Smooth and subtle

Myers's Dark Rum   
Diageo Americas Supply Inc.  ·  Louisville, KY
Dark Rum
80° (40%)

Peach Schnapps   
Sazerac Company  ·  Metairie, LA

Smirnoff Vodka   
The Smirnoff Co.  ·  United States
80° (40%)

The Patron Spirts Company   
The Patron Spirts Company  ·  United States
140° (70%)

Well Gin   
Barton Distilling Company  ·  United States
Classic Gin
160° (80%)

Well Rum   
Barton Distilling Company  ·  United States
160° (80%)

Well Tequila   
Barton Distilling Company  ·  United States
160° (80%)

Well Vodka   
Barton Distilling Company  ·  United States
160° (80%)

Wine - 7

Douglass Hill Sweet Red Table Wine   
Douglass Hill  ·  CA
Glass: $4.25  ·  Bottle: $9.00

Gabbiano Pinot Grigio   
Castello di Gabbiano  ·  Tuscany
Vintage: 2004
Glass: $5.75  ·  Bottle: $18.00

Gabbiano Pinot Grigio   
Castello di Gabbiano  ·  Tuscany
Vintage: 2004
Glass: $5.25  ·  Bottle: $17.25

Mountain Door Malbec   
Mountain Door  ·  Mendoza Province
Glass: $6.25  ·  Bottle: $19.00
Dark red with vioet hues. Fruity notes of morello cherries and raspberries, combined with hints of vanilla. A plush core of plum, raspberry, and cherries. Soft, with great balance in the palate and round tannins.

RayLen Chardonnay Silver Creek   
Vintage: 2002
Glass: $4.50  ·  Bottle: $18.50

Silver Creek   
Silver Creek  ·  Sonoma County, CA
Cabernet Sauvignon
Full bodied, flavors of dark fruit and toasted wood.

Vista Point Merlot   
Vista Point Vineyards  ·  California
Glass: $4.25  ·  Bottle: $12.50
Fruity and spicy red wine with less tannins than Cabernet Sauvignon.