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Thirsty Nomad Brewing is a small craft brewery in Charlotte, NC. We've got 10 taps serving the beers you'll find in the blog and what we're brewing. In addition, we offer other local craft beverages to round out our lineup, including Windy Hill Cider, Stumptown Cold Brew, and Redemption Brew Works Ginger Beer. Since we're focused on beer, we plan on relying on others for their food expertise by partnering with local restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.


Buccaneer Oktoberfest
Thirsty Nomad Brewing  ·  Charlotte, NC
7.0% ABV

Thirsty Nomad Brewing  ·  Charlotte, NC
Celia features a very aromatic nose of smoked malt, herbs, and dried flowers and effervescent carbonation to keep it light.

Thirsty Nomad Brewing  ·  Charlotte, NC
Light and smooth, the cream ale is a quintessential lawnmower beer. Its low alcohol, relatively high carbonation, and low bitterness
5.4% ABV
21 IBU

Valkyrie Chocolate Stout
Thirsty Nomad Brewing  ·  Charlotte, NC
It's a blend of chocolate, coffee, roasty notes, with a touch of wheat and lactose to give it a silky mouth feel and some residual sweetness
6.0% ABV